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Welcome to the European Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy website

Welcome to our Website. This website will help you find information about our organisation and activities to promote professional Hand Therapy in Europe. There will be regular updates to the site and please do not hesitate to contact us with any ideas that you may have.

Who we are
The European Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy is a non profit organisation representing 1800 therapists all over Europe. The federation was founded in 1989 in Paris for unlimited time.

What we want
The overall purposes of the EFSHT are:

  • To increase the interest in and exchange of knowledge about Hand Therapy as such.
  • To coordinate activities among the European Societies to promote the exchange and development of knowledge.
  • To share scientific experience and research with collegues, and also with Hand Surgeons and allied professionals dealing with hand patients.
  • To expand the practice of Hand Therapy so that an increasing number of patients with hand injuries may receive hand rehabilitation.

How we achieve our goals


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Obituary notice

With great sadness, we bring you the news that Paul Van Lede passed away at the age of 73.
He was one of the pioneers in splinting in Hand Therapy. He will never be forgotten, because many of us are using his techniques and ideas when making splints. Nevertheless, he will be missed by many.

Thank you Paul!

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Hand Certification in Europe - an overview (update June 2016)

Within the EFSHT many national hand therapy societies have developed their own national certification programmes aimed at recognising competence and experience in this specific practice area. In this document you can find the different certification processes arranged alphabetically by country.

EFSHT Hand Therapy Certification overview December 2016

The European Certified Hand Therapist is a higher certification process that builds on national qualifications. It aims to recognise highly qualified hand therapy specialists across Europe.

Combined meeting of DGH and DAHTH Sept 2016

Combined meeting of DGH and DAHTH 2016 22.-24. September - Frankfurt/Main

( http://dgh-kongress.de/) (congress language: mainly German)
topics: microsurgery after sever hand trauma, thumb reconstruction, DRUJ, scaphoid fractures and complications, malignant tumors on arm and hand

2017 EUROHAND, Budapest Hungary

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